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Briteweb has developed Websites, Social Media Marketing, Graphic Design, Database design and implementation for over a decade.

Briteweb has it’s heart set on how best to solve a customers requirements or requests. Briteweb works closely with clients and listen to their needs, this way the clients always come first and only suggest changes where necessary.

All our work is tailored made to suit the individual project(s)

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Our designers

Web designer

Anna Grantham

Anna is a recent masters graduate from the University of Winchester and is now a client manager and designer for Briteweb, She is driven to achieve her best in all areas of web design. Anna is a lead designer and implementer for WordPress sites and works with many Adobe programmes to produce images and videos for a wide range of businesses and people. Anna has led the design of many websites with Briteweb and remains a very competent and reliable member of the team with years of experience. 

Web Designer

Cassandre Milne

Cassie is a client manager and designer for Briteweb. Cassie is the Social Media Marketing manager. Cassie implements and sets up SEO and SEM for websites and Social Media linking, she also works with many Adobe programmes such as photoshop to produce images and videos that can be embedded into your website. 

Web Designer

Greg White

Greg has a background in Web Design for over a decade. 

Greg also designs and develops databases of all sizes for companies.

He also produces videos and designs logos and images.

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